Minimalist style in interior design

16 January, 2019

Minimalist style in interior design: fewer details, more comfort

Minimalism is not just an idea, it’s a way of life that is distinguished by the desire for perfect order and impeccable organization. Minimalism has become very popular now in certain groups of society. It is especially favoured by creative minds and businessmen who prefer the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicality. This style of living allows you to express yourself without any loud accessories or unusual furniture. If what you require in your design are strictness and simplicity, then minimalism is what you need!


The palimpsest home

When it comes to minimalist furniture, the design should be defined by a subtle form and supported by an emphasis on function and aesthetic appeal. Although a piece of furniture can be simple, it should express its presence in the room that is harmonious with other elements in the room but also eye-catching. Yet another characteristic of the minimalist style is – open space. The key to being minimalist is the freedom of space.


The palimpsest home

The finishing of the walls can be done with textured plaster, wide glossy tiles, paint or wallpapering. Other alternatives are walls made of glass, concrete or natural stone with a relief.

Minimalist style ceiling

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The design of the ceiling should not bear the burden of the theme of the interior or be bulky. So any complex design here is unacceptable. The best option for the ceiling is to paint it in a light and soothing colour.


A good option for the floor design is using natural colours and avoiding any kind of patterns. We have several flooring options like laminate, polymer coating, parquet, plain carpet, self-levelling floor and ceramic granite tiles. The floors for each room will be different. The bedroom will have a more comfortable look with a long nap carpet.

Minimalist style kitchen

The palimpsest home

The kitchen designed with minimalist interior design should breathe cleanliness and order. So any room cluttered with unnecessary objects is unacceptable here. So all the household appliances should be kept covered. There is a wide choice of materials for you – natural stone, brick, wood. Glass and chrome steel are also used in finishing.

Minimalist style living room

Minimalist style living rooms are the best room designs in modern design, as they bring the luxury of understated elegance into your everyday life. With the right design, you will get a room with a positive and a bright energy. For decorating the living room, you can opt for classic shades: black, white, beige and grey. You could also introduce bursts of bold shades such as orange, red and green.