How to choose the right feature wall?

20 February, 2019

Feature Wall - Madhuban

Whether you are moving into a brand-new home or just bored of an interior design style, a
feature wall is the perfect alternative to a full makeover. Not only do feature walls require less time, effort and stress vis-a-vis the complete exercise of luxury interior design, they also allow for an addition of personality and style into any room be it hall interior design, bedroom interior design or complete home interior design.

What is crucial of course for any interior design style is to choose the right wall. An easy step would be identifying where the eye is naturally drawn to when entering the room. To further reinforce this, avoid a wall with windows or doors, as this can take away from the overall effect.

Decals are a great idea for a child’s bedroom; they add dynamism, create a focal point and
become a great opportunity for the kids to get engaged! Full wall murals are breathtaking and are sure to instigate conversation between guests. Picture walls can beautifully house memories, while paintwork can effectively complement the existing house interior design.

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Temple home

Simple prints are the go-to options for wall art- they always add character to your wall.

Typographies can be modern, relatable, easily found, and can even be done on your own, making them favorable options for a lot of contemporary homes.

Laser-cut wood and sculptural pieces are some great pieces that one can use as wall art inside your bedroom. You could also use them as a headboard, adding elegance and drama to the bedroom!