Gift your home a new upgrade- Fabric finishes trending this season!

23 January, 2019

There are endless ways and materials that can be applied to give the interiors of your home a brand new look and upgrade. Amongst a vast pool of choice, fabric based designs and finishes are one of the top picks for contemporary designers, partly because of the unique presence and style it imparts to the space and partly because it provides the space with a signature character.

The top ways in which fabrics can be used are:

Temple home

⦁ Upholstered headboard: Headboards impart intensity and depth to any room, it also completes the bedding furniture and adds a regal statement. Upholstering it with fabrics printed and designed in mood with the room adds an unexpected fun element that helps tie the room together into a complete package.

⦁ Embroidered fabrics: Installing patterned shades or draperies are one of the best ways to add focus to your room by avoiding the clutter of new furniture. A large pattern that sits in contrast with the existing elements will draw considerable attention, thus helping in breaking the monotony in a room that is otherwise wrapped up with solid colours.

The house of colour

⦁ Upholstered furniture: Upholstering an existing furniture with patterned fabric serves as another of the ways to add a stand-out element. Be it an existing sofa, an ottoman or accent chair, upholstering it always adds interest and variety, providing the room with a fresh look.

The palimpsest home

⦁ Mix-n-match with prints: Linen is the best option for those who adore the ‘shabby chic’ look! Coming in a variety of shades like ochre, orange, blue, grey or earthy tones, the versatile nature of this matches beautifully with almost anything that is paired with it. Coming in a variety of prints, from pastoral scenes or lush landscapes to geometric patterns that are timelessly elegant. Linen adds the extra tinge of sophistication to any contemporary interior. While there are many creative ways to add geometric shapes to any interiors, simple and minimal shapes always are fascinating and inspire a better lifestyle.